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Photo Café is a community of open membership, all members may post but not all posts will be accepted.
If you're wondering what kind of images we're looking for, see the list of interests below. You can also browse through the archive.

Choose your best shots. Use lj-cut when posting more than one photo. Let us comment here, don't link us elsewhere. All text and links (including your personal website, deviantart, flickr account etc.) should to be placed behind the lj cut.

Please, use English in your comments so that we all understand them.

If you're posting an image wider than 700px, use lj-cut.

Please use the html formatting code shown below. Rememebr to switch from rich editing mode to html mode.

1. How to post one photo

2. How to post more than one photo

Just copy+paste these and fill in with your urls and text.

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